I’m starting a blog!

Though, I admit, blogging is entirely new to me.

I have friends who blog as a part of their living and write regular columns to keep their audience engaged in their interesting and personal lives.

While I don’t consider myself in their writing league by any means and I am not expecting my blog to gather a huge crowd, I am aware of the reasons I decided to start this process and I’d like to share it with you.

First of all, I want to let you know that besides writing for my close family members who unconditionally love me and will probably read anything I write (whether it interests them or not), I am first and foremost writing to and for myself.  Yes, myself.  That may seem surprising to those of you who follow bloggers who are writing to gain an audience, who want their voice to be heard, or want to change the world.  But, that’s not really my first intention.  My first intention is to journal the spiritual path that I am engaged in and struggle with on a daily basis and use my writing as a reflection for myself to gain more clarity in life.  For this reason alone, I am starting this blog, even if for an audience of one.

So, when I ask a question at the end of any post, know that first and foremost, I am asking this question to myself.

Other than my close friends and family, who would join this blog?  I would imagine those who are seeking to learn about, be a part of or wish to be supported in a mindfulness practice.  I’m writing to share about my personal experiences and to create a community for those who want to engage in conversations with me and others about their own.

This blog will be about the theory and practice of mindfulness and mindful living.  Mindfulness, in a nutshell and in very broad terms, is about a living life with awareness whether it relates to parenting or working or eating or being a spouse or talking or listening and so forth.  It touches every aspect of one’s waking life and, in my eyes, supports a holistic, healthy way of being which is why I am engaged in the practice and try to dedicate my life to it.

So, if this post moves you and you are curious to hear more or want to engage with me in conversations related to it, consider signing up for the blog.

I thank you for joining me on this journey.



  1. Shira,
    Great first entry. I am glad to be following our journeys together.

  2. Dear Shira

    Well done for starting this blog … I’ve added it to ‘my favourites’ and look forward to future postings!


  3. I’m giggling with excitement for you AND sharing on Twitter. Let the flood gates open… Enjoy the world of blogging.

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