Shira Taylor Gura is an occupational therapist, certified yoga instructor, and mindful eating workshop facilitator.

Prior to moving to Israel, she was a business owner (In-Alignment, Inc.) providing health and wellness classes to hi-tech corporate professionals in California.  She has published articles in professional journals including: Mental Health  OT, Occupational Therapy in Health Care, and WORK, as well as a chapter in The Praeger Handbook on Stress and Coping all relating to holistic and healthy living.

In August of 2009, Shira moved from New Jersey to Kibbutz Hannaton in the Galilee with her husband, Boaz, and four children.

She currently works as a research associate for Research Success Technologies (ReST), and on the side offers Jewish spiritual and yoga classes to visiting groups at the Hannaton Educational and Spiritual Center. She was recently highlighted in Israel’s national magazine, La Isha, for her work with Jewish meditation.  On the kibbutz, she started a bi-monthly women’s wellness, support and growth group.  She and her good friend, Linda Gollub, created a weekly meditation group.  In her spare time (usually around 5 am) she can be found exploring her yoga practice in the living room of her house.

Shira (despite the similarity with her last name) is not a guru and certainly does not profess to be one.

She is, in her own humble and modest way, simply practicing how to be present in this world for her benefit and for the benefit of those around her.



  1. Beautifully said! I look forward to reading more blogs! Way to Go! U r very inspiring!

  2. How good to “see” you again, Shira! Thank you for staying “connected”, and for offering your friends a way to keep in touch with you. Will visit again soon – Diane

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