Posted by: Shira Taylor Gura | May 9, 2013

We were ROBBED

robbedSometime, between 12 and 5 AM last night, we were robbed.

The burglar(s?) quietly entered the house, stole the cell phones that were sitting on our kitchen table, a lap top that was left on the couch, and a second laptop that was in a briefcase in our bedroom.

Yes, they (he?) entered our bedroom in the middle of the night.

And, we didn’t hear a thing.

Until this morning, when my husband couldn’t find his phone.

And, when he went outside to look for it (he thought perhaps he dropped it near the car by accident) and saw contents of some of our bags scattered around the driveway, we knew what had happened.

Of course, we called the police who came immediately.  And as I type this blog, I am waiting for the investigator to come take fingerprints.

We’re a little shook up.

But, in the midst of this all, I was able to come back to this practice.

And, take a second.

And, breathe.

And, be thankful.

That my kids were not touched.

That my husband and I were not touched.

That we are alive.

That essentially, everything is ok.

And, though I may return various feelings (anger, guilt, fear, and more), I know that even for brief moments in time, I can close my eyes, take a deep breath, and be present to all that we have.





  1. Shir, I am so sorry to hear this.. so glad you are all ok.



  2. though we don’t know one another, I am happy to hear that you are all safe and no one was harmed. This is so frightening!

  3. Dear Shira, so sorry to hear the news. Thank G-d no one was hurt. Of course, I wonder if you may have insurance. Talk to you, love, mom-mom

  4. So sad to hear this…..what a world we live in!!!! It really saddens me…but, I am thankful that all of you are safe. Thinking of you.

  5. beautiful blog in all ways

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