Posted by: Shira Taylor Gura | March 27, 2013

Mindful Passover

ballsThis year I’ll be turning 40.

And, in 39 years of life, I’ve never once made a matzah ball.

Why? There really was never a need. As a child, my Mom-Mom made the delicious matzah balls for the annual Seders and besides those two nights of the year, we never really ate matzah ball soup in the house.

This year, with old friends coming to visit during the holiday, I decided I would make matzah ball soup.

So, I headed to the store to buy the box.

The box?

You know, the matzah ball mix box… the one sitting on the shelf in the incredibly long Kosher for Passover aisle of the supermarket… the box sitting next to the matzah crackers, canned gefilte fish, chocolate covered jellies, bottled horseradish, tin-canned macaroons, Kosher for Passover cereals, and many, many other items including dozens of varieties of matzah.

This is how I grew up in the States.  In supermarkets that supplied (and probably sold) more processed food than it did natural food.

So, when I couldn’t find the matzah ball mix box (let alone the Kosher for Passover aisle!) in the nearby supermarket to our kibbutz, I asked a clerk, who directed me over to the matzah.  And, the matzah meal.

And THAT was the “aisle”.

There were no other Kosher for Passover processed products to be found.

I was amazed.

And, when I went to check out, I entered into a conversation with the cashier about this interesting revelation:

That I can actually make matzah balls without a mix!

She was flabbergasted that I would have even considered using a box to make maztah balls!  Of course, she continued, I should be preparing most of my food without a pre-made mix, and without it coming from a box or a bottle (which I try to be mindful of in general during the year).

So, on this Passover holiday, may we all merit to be blessed with finding ways to prepare as many healthy meals and eat as few non-processed foods as possible.





  1. amen, Shira

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