Posted by: Shira Taylor Gura | March 7, 2013

On Rejection and Acceptance

rejectionThis week, there seems to have been a string of rejections in the air….

A family wishing to be accepted to our kibbutz was rejected.

One friend of mine was rejected from participating in a young leadership conference.

Another friend blogged about being rejected by her motherly peers.

My husband was rejected from a major building opportunity in our community.

The lesson learned (and so well written)… don’t attach any meaning to any rejection.

And though we know this, we forget to practice.

So, we are grateful for the reminders.  (Thank you, Jen.)

But, if we take a moment to look beyond rejection, we can consider the need to detach from…

Acceptance as well.

In other words, what if….

the family was accepted to the kibbutz?

Jen was accepted to participate in the conference?

Jordana felt accepted by her peers?

Boaz was accepted to supervise the major building opportunity in our community?

Then, what?

We would all be happy?  Forever?



Of course, not.

Did you forget about impermanence?

You see, there’s really no need to stay attached to our emotional reactions to anything (whether for good or bad)…

because they lead to suffering.

Which is what we do.

When we stay attached.

To anything.



  1. amen sister

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