Posted by: Shira Taylor Gura | February 12, 2013

Remember to remember, when you remember!

remember-brainOne of the biggest challenges I have with applying the techniques of mindfulness to everyday life situations is remembering to practice.

For example, I am a part of a group with 3 of my closest friends from New Jersey.  We’re working through a book which is based on the Jewish Mussar movement in which we focus and work on one personality characteristic (middah) for two weeks at a time.

So far, we have worked through gratitude, enthusiasm, joy, strength, loving-kindness and order.  We are currently up to equanimity.

My trouble?  Often I feel like the week passes and I completely forgot to work on the middah! 

For those who try to set intentions for each day, it seems quite common that many fall into the trap of forgeting it intention.

Sitting meditation certainly helps to remind us and support us with our daily intentions.  But, what if I don’t sit one morning?  The day has to go awry?

A friend of mine had a great idea for me.

To set my alarm clock on my cell phone.

For every morning.

So, when it rings (at the peak of chaos, when I’m in the middle of making breakfasts, lunches, changing diapers, and getting kids dressed for school), I will run to the phone to turn the alarm off  (or check why it’s ringing, because invariably, I will forget why I set it!), and I will remember my intention for the day.

And, that simple cue can make all the difference in my day.



  1. thank you Shira

  2. How’s it going? With the alarm clock?

    I nominated your blog for a Liebster award. Check it out:

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