Posted by: Shira Taylor Gura | February 7, 2013

When Faith is Your Anchor

faith We were graced with a guest from America for the past 3 nights.

Our guest was a religious Jew.

He has never heard about mindfulness, per say, but he certainly knew about maintaining his attention on the present moment.

He prayed three times a day with his best intention.

He took his hiking gear and ventured out, on his own, in completely unfamiliar territory to hike part of the “shvil Yisrael” (Israel path that leads from the northern most tip of the country to the south).

On his path, he traveled through both Jewish and Muslim/Bedouin towns.  He met up with many sheep and cattle.  And, a few potentially unfriendly dogs.

He hiked in the rain, alone, knowing the ominous weather forecast.

He got lost.

Several times.

He didn’t make it to his destination on time and missed his bus back to Jerusalem.

In the cold and mud, he was forced to continue on and figure out plan B.

Our guest was not a risky teenager.

Our guest was a father, a husband, a grandfather.

Simply wanting to connect with and enjoy the Land of Israel.

In this moment.

Some may call this kind of person naive.

Others may call him adventurous.

I would just say he was being mindful.

And, his anchor was faith (emunah).



  1. Beautiful-Love Pop Pop

  2. Beautifully written. I’m never in the present and I’m always dwelling about the past or worrying about the future. I need to follow your lead.

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