Posted by: Shira Taylor Gura | December 23, 2012


impermanenceNothing lasts forever.

And yet, we hold on to things as if they do.

We hold on to the good, desiring for it to stay.

We hold on to the bad, believing there could be nothing worse.

We forget about impermanence.

The practice of mindfulness is not linear.  It is not about starting at point “A” and arriving to point “B”.  It is NOT about achieving peace or happiness or satisfaction, even though they may arise as you “wake up”.

It is just about BEING.

Being when you are happy and on a high.

Being when you are depressed and on a low.

It’s just about riding the wave and not holding on to anything.

Because, why should you?  It won’t last anyway.

So, when I return to mindfulness after a little hiatus or come to a revelation about satisfaction and I am “flying high” with excitement about “waking up” again, please do me a favor, will you?  Remind me about impermanence.




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