Posted by: Shira Taylor Gura | July 12, 2012


My model of mindfulness begins with paying bare attention to an object (Step 1) which leads to a distraction (Step 2).


Instantaneously after a distraction arises, the mind (immediately, habitually and unconsciously) reacts to it.  You don’t mean to react to the distraction and many times you don’t want to react, but you do.

These emotional reactions are called attachments.

The response to any distraction is an emotional reaction and is met typically in a positive or negative manner.

For instance, you are attending to your breath and a sound, a bird’s chirp for example (a distraction) enters your consciousness.  Immediately (and unconsciously) the mind emotionally reacts to the sound of the bird by deciding whether it likes the sound and wants to hear more of it or loathes the sound and wants it to go away.

The mind is now attached – like Velcro (thanks, Graham, for that image) – to the reaction of the distraction and mental proliferation begins… your thought leads to another thought and yet to another… and another….

And there’s little you can do about it, if you are unaware.

You’re attached.

And you will stay attached until you become conscious of where your attention is.

Then, you’ll need to make a choice.

Stay tuned for the last step (considered the hallmark of the practice) of my model of mindfulness.



  1. I like the way you are introducing and sharing your model Shira!
    Fond regards

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  3. […] object (breath, for example), becomes distracted (by a thought, sound, sensation, etc.) inevitably attaches to the corresponding thoughts that arose from the distraction, consciously chooses to detach from […]

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